Monday, February 14, 2011

The English Garden

"Bloom where you are planted" 

Few subjects subdued and quieted her;
big ones like the state of the world, loss of humanity
where we've all turned cold, afraid,
heavily guarded, overly stimulated,
presenting well.
Other thoughts were hedonistic, open, accessible, 
approachable, coital;
embracing of all encompassing juices of existence.

Photo: Royal Roads, Victoria, B.C. from our courting days. This was the garden shed door 
and is now the main inspiration for our future English Garden.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


"The true traveler is she who goes on foot and even then,
 she sits down a lot of the time."
- Colette
She seemed scattered at first,
that's 'cos she was, in almost every way.
Still, she liked to think she had it where it counted.
She came from Africa, Acadia, South America;
from the divorce-land of domesticity,
colour schemes and coordinates.
Living in a back pack suitcase
carrying water with him,
 even after the traumas.
She grasped what it was to be displaced,
expulsed from home.

Muse written when we first found a place to be for a while, after being on the road a long time.